Beverley Hawkins

has written a number of different books in which she explores different ways to use essential oils.  From Infant Massage to creating that perfect Aromatic Gift, to understanding how to create a blend based on the energetics of a person, place or situation, to her own unique Treatment Protocol using color, sound, crystals, Bach Flower Remedies and essential oils, there is something for everyone.

Aromatic Gifts for all Ages and all Seasons

There is something really special about a handcrafted gift. In addition to being unique, people really do appreciate the time and energy that goes into making such gifts.

Beverley Hawkins, Essential Oil Therapist – EOT®, Registered Aromatherapist – RA®, Owner of the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, has created a book filled with many gift ideas and fun projects. The book has lots of helpful information that will help you create your own unique Aromatic Gifts that are both safe and effective to use. The book contains over 80 recipes and around 80 different essential oil blends to choose from. Whatever the occasion you are sure to find a recipe and blend that will work well. The book is delivered as a downloadable PDF file.

Available to download in a PDF format 107 Pages CDN$20.00

Aromatic Infant Massage

Dr. Ashley Montague says, “The infant’s need for body contact is compelling. If that need is not adequately satisfied, even though all other needs are adequately met, he or she will suffer.” Satisfy your baby’s need for touch by incorporating Aromatic Infant Massage into your daily routine. By incorporating Infant Massage into your baby’s daily routine you will not only have an opportunity for a truly bonding experience, but you will also be helping your child to be confident, resilient, optimistic, open, free and relaxed. Learn how to give your baby a soothing, relaxing massage incorporating essential oils safely and effectively while enjoying some quality time together.
Available to download in a PDF format 20 pages for CDN$10.00

Aromatic Lords and Ladies of the Zodiac

Ever wondered how to create essential oil blends based on the energetics of a person, place or situation?
Aromatic Lords and Ladies of the Zodiac is an Exercise in creating Energetic Essential Oil Synergies. Based on the model of the Sun Signs of the Zodiac, this book shows you how to use the information you have access to and translate that information into the relevant essential oils, thereby creating a unique and very effective synergy. The book is divided into three sections: Section One deals with the ways in which essential oils are used and their safety precautions; Section Two gives a brief outline of the personality of each of the 12 Sun Signs and the unique Lord and Lady essential oil synergy created for that sign and Section Three contains the thirty-five mini essential oil profiles of the oils used to create the synergies. It also has an explanation here on how to put it all together. Once the concepts have been understood, this can be used with any other model.
Available to downloadable in a PDF format 115 pages for CDN$20.00

The Hawkins Protocol

The Hawkins Protocol is the combination of 5 independent modalities; Color, Sound, Essential Oils, Bach Flower Remedies and Crystals, chosen within the framework of the Sefirah of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

A fascinating study in a true synergy of vibrational harmony. This protocol introduces an energetic frequency through the medium of all of the senses: Sight (Color); Hearing (Sound); Smell (Essential Oils); Taste (Bach Remedies); and Touch (Crystals). My experience has been that every time one experiences the Hawkins Protocol the session is unique, both for the individual and the moment in time.

Available to download in a PDF format 131 pages for CDN $30.00

Subtle Properties of Essential Oils

There are many different reasons why we might want to use essential oils and other aromatics for their subtle energies.  Perhaps we are interested in soul growth,  or personal development, or because we want to try and exert a beneficial influence on what will happen in our lives next.  Whatever our intention and focus may be essential oils can be very powerful and may be just what we need to take that next step on our path of personal and spiritual growth.

This guide introduces the Subtle Energies of the essential oils as it outlines 95 different essential oils including  an Affirmation for each one.  The Subtle Index is an easy way to pick out the appropriate oils for your Focus, and the Sample Blends are there for inspiration.  We finish up with Aromatic Anointing and Aromatic Anointing for Special Occasions.
Available to download in a PDF format 50 pages for CDN $15.00

Also available on Kindle