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Beverley and the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy offer a number of different Aromatherapy Workshops

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If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.  Margaret Fuller

Essential Oils and Children

Learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively for and around babies and children


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  • Understand the true nature of essential oils
  • See how essential oils are assimilated into the body
  • Safety Factors including appropriate dosage and essential oil use.
  • Hydrosols, Carriers and 25 Mini Essential Oil Profiles
  • 30 common conditions and recipes for blends
  • 10 hours
  • Certificate on completion of online Test
Business Strategies Workshop

3 important Strategies Aromatherapists Forget to Use in Business


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  • Create a business model that works for you
  • Tailor your business to your interests and specific market
  • Client Attraction
  • Social Media & Social Media Marketing
  • Write Effective Sales Copy
  • Networking Tips
  • 10 hours
  • Certificate on completion of online Test
Aromatic Medicine – Guidelines for Self-Care

3 Steps to Expand Your Knowledge of Essential Oil Applications


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  • Review Modern Aromatherapy
  • Understand the Legalities of the Different Scopes of Practice
  • Review Essential Oil Chemistry
  • Blend by Chemistry
  • Understand the Pathways of Assimilation
  • Review all appropriate Application Methods including inhalation, topical and internal
  • 10 hours
  • Certificate on completion of online Test
Caddy Chemistry Home Study Workshop

No shipping and handling costs.


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  • Elements and Atomic Structure. An introduction to the elements and atomic structure step by step. Particular attention is paid to the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules
  • Compounds and Molecules. Participants will learn the relevant definitions of ionic bonding and covalent bonding. Examples of ionic compounds, molecules of an element and molecular compounds are illustrated.
  • Essential Oil Molecules. To help participants understand chemical families a detailed set of notes and worksheets take them through many illustrative examples, step by step.
  • Downloaded in 7 PDF files.
  • Complete and return the Final Exercise to receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • 20 Hours.
Aroma Massage Video

Massage is one of the most effective ways to use essential oils. Learn how to give an effective Aroma Massage by following along with this easy to understand video. Certificate of Completion available if you send back the test.


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ONLINE Platform
Introduction to Natural Perfumery

A perfume is an intimate object, it is the reflector of the heart.’ Emanuel Ungaro

Do you enjoy experimenting with intriguing aromatics to create interesting and evocative synergies as much as I do?  

Creating perfumes is a creative art fueled by the inspiration and passion of the person creating it.  Those who take the time to learn and incorporate the fundamentals needed to make balanced and evolving perfume will find their creativity and ability to make balanced evocative perfumes greatly enhanced.

This online workshop introduces you to all the fundamentals you need to know, and allows you to build up your skills and knowledge in your own time, at your own pace.


 This course is delivered entirely on the online platform.  For an overview of the course, and to purchase it go to Introduction to Natural Perfumery


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