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About West Coast Aromatherapy School

WCIA, the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy is an aromatherapy school, delivering aromatherapy training via their aromatherapy courses to you.

WCIA was incorporated in April 1999.  Since that time well over 1,700 students have successfully worked through the programs under the ongoing expert guidance of Beverley Hawkins, a true professional with many years of hands-on experience. Essential oils can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes from the esoteric through to the medical and everything in between. Our courses are aimed at providing a good solid grounding in the use of essential oils within this broad framework, allowing our graduates to use them with confidence and understanding.

Aromatherapy correspondence courses are our speciality, we will help you acquire the knowledge you require to effectively use essential oils through our well researched and referenced course manuals.  We are constantly updating these materials to ensure that we provide our students with the most up to date and current information available. We also provide ongoing support throughout the entire course. We are available to answer questions by phone, fax, regular mail or email. Students are also invited to join our closed Facebook Group. Here one can interact not only with Beverley but also with others who are taking the courses. If questions are asked on the group lists they are answered on the group so that everyone gets the benefit. This is the closest we can get to a classroom atmosphere without actually having to be in a classroom. One has the benefits of being able to study on their own time schedule, at their own pace, while still having the support of others doing the same.