Dr. Berkowsky’s Synthesis Materia Medica Spiritualis of Essential Oils is the central reference text for Spiritual PhytoEssencing™ in which each of the essential oils are profiled with respect to their inner soul-nature. He utilizes knowledge from a number of different modalities and schools of thought to base his information on including: Historical Use and Folklore; Herbal; Aromatherapy; Anthroposophy; Traditional Chinese Medicine; Homeopathy and the Jewish Kabbalah. His information is further based on the homeopathic concept of Miasms; the Anthroposophical concepts of the Three Fold Organism and Constitutional Elements of humans and the Kabbalah Tree of Life and its 10 Sefirot. Today I am highlighting the next sefirah, Tiferet.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Tiferet (also known as Beauty, Glory and The Heavenly Gate of Harmony) is visualized in the middle of the body of Adam Kadmon.  It is sometimes referred to as the sun as it occurs in the center of primordial man.  It is where harmony and peace reside.

Tiferet is the spiritual root responsible for balancing opposites and recognizing beauty.  It allows one to give of oneself while still maintaining boundaries.  It is the junction between what is visible and invisible.

Tiferet is the perfectly symmetrical balancing center-point of the Tree of Life.  Tiferet is linked to meaningful speech and a sense of the truth.  It is the spiritual root, which ensures, when fully active, that we are being honest, with ourselves and not giving more or less than we should.  It can be said that only when you live and love in accordance with Tiferet are you being true to yourself.  Tiferet is the central point of growth.  It is the place from which inertia can be overcome and the perception of spiritual beauty unfolds.  Tiferet is a balancer.

The color traditionally associated with Tiferet is yellow, as well as the Sun, the astrological sign Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22) and the Archangel Raphael, Angel of Brightness, Beauty, and Healing.

The three essential oils associated with Tiferet that I will highlight today are Laurel, Lavender and Palmarosa.

Psychologically, it can be helpful for sinus headache, travel fatigue, insomnia, nervousness, depression and stress-related disorders.  On a physiological level it is useful for colds, sinus infections and sinus headaches, as well as digestive complaints.  On a subtle level, Laurel supports the ability to honor one’s self.  It can promote psychic awareness and intuition and also provide psychic protection.  It can open one to new thoughts and perspectives.
Cautions.  Do not use during pregnancy.  May cause dermatitis in some individuals.

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Themes: Laurel has the themes of separation and isolation; fear of failure and lack of self-confidence. 

Psychologically lavender is well known for it relaxing and more sedating properties.  It has traditionally been used for a variety of nervous or psychological ailments including anger, depression, insomnia, hysteria, migraines, mood swings, nervous tension and shock.  On the physiological level it has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, balancing and calming properties and its use could be considered for burns, colds, coughs, headaches, insect bites, muscle aches and pains and skin irritations (dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis). On a subtle level, Lavender soothes grief and promotes peace.  Lavender balances all the energy centers and subtle bodies.  It is one of the most important subtle energy oils.  It is useful in all energy healing techniques helping one to relax and become balanced.
Cautions: Generally considered non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing.

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Themes: Lavender has the theme of balancing and overcoming stuckness.

Psychologically, Palmarosa has calming, cheering and tonic properties and can be thought of for all stress related conditions, as well as irritability.  On the physiological level Palmarosa has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties and can be considered whenever these properties are called for.  It would be useful added to a blend to boost the immune system.  It is also a great choice when needing help in fighting infections, bacteria and fungi.  On a subtle level, Palmarosa can help one to have greater understanding of being a mother or of the relationship dynamics with one’s mother.  It helps to encourage compassionate acceptance and unconditional love.Cautions: Generally considered non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing, however care should be taken with anyone known to be sensitive to cosmetics.

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Themes: Palmarosa softens a hard heart by infusing it with love.  The imperative to restore balance is one of palmarosa’s leading properties. There is also a theme of ‘being scarred’ in palmarosa.


Sephirah in the Kabbalah Tree of Life