Beverley only recommends companies with whom she has had personal business dealings.  There are certainly lots of other good companies out there, but she has not dealt with them personally.

Essential Oil Suppliers – Canadian

Essential Oil Suppliers – Canadian

Essential Aura Aromatics
Cobble Hill, BC

Green Valley Aromatherapy Ltd
Courtenay, BC

Oshun Supply Inc
Salmon Arm, BC

Botanic Planet
Brampton, Ontario (ship to Canada, US and International)

Ferlow Botanicals
Vancouver, BC

Smell This Aromatherapy
Richmond, BC

Natura Trading
Vancouver, BC

New Directions
Mississauga, Ontario


US Essential Oil Suppliers

Natures Gift Aromatherapy
Madison, TN

Samara Botane
Snohomish, WA      

John Steele – Lifetree Aromatix
Sherman Oaks, CA
Tel: (818) 986-0594
Fax: (818) 907-9617

New Directions USA

Aromatherapy Journals

Aromatherapy Today
International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy
International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherap