Summer’s End is definitely just around the corner.  Once we have enjoyed the Labour Day Weekend, most of us will once again be caught up in the hustle and bustle of Life’s regular routine.  Back to Work and Back to School is definitely on the agenda.  So I do hope that you will enjoy the upcoming weekend, while at the same time do something special for yourself.

This year I am going to take a moment to celebrate what I have accomplished over the last few months by, sort of following, the guidelines outlined by Joni Keim & Ruah Bull in their book: Transforming the Seasons of Your Life with Essential Oils.  

Step 1: Choose your favourite Summer Essential Oil.   They have quite an extensive Summer Essential Oils List: Rosemary, Basil, Lemon, Peppermint Pine, Cinnamon, Thyme, Tea Tree, German Chamomile, Clove, Ginger, Ylang Ylang, or Fennel, but if there is a different essential oil that really represents Summer to you, I’d suggest that you use that one.

Step 2: This is a mindful exercise so centre yourself by taking three slow, relaxed, deep breaths.

Step 3: Gentle inhale your chosen oil (put a drop on a tissue), pause, then inhale again.

Step 4: Reflect back over the past few months and identify your accomplishments.  They can be goals you have achieved, things you have done, new experiences you were brave enough to take.

Step 5:  Inhale your oil once again, and take a large step forward.  As you do say out loud, “I have accomplished _____________ this Summer.”  Inhale your oil attain, and take another step, saying out loud, “I have also accomplished ______________in these last few months.”  With one more step, and one final inhalation, say out loud, “I want to acknowledge accomplishing____________.”

Step 6: Now turn around and visualize looking back at yourself prior to taking these three steps.  Notice how, in only a few minutes, something has changed within you simply through the process of acknowledging.

Step 7: Ask yourself what you might like to do to celebrate what you have accomplished this Summer.
Think of something that would please you and make a commitment to do this for yourself now, to honour your accomplishments this summer.

The oil I am going to use is not on their list of Summer Essential Oils, but for me, Grapefruit with is clean, refreshing, uplifting aroma brings warm, sunny, days full of light and sunshine to mind.  I know that this is the oil I want to use this weekend.

I will finish the ceremony off with the Affirmation:

Mindfully breathing in Grapefruit, I am able to appreciate what I have and look forward with optimism!

I wonder which Essential Oil you will choose?

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