Sipping my early morning cup of coffee and looking out across my garden, I was inspired to create a special Summer Synergy!

The wonderful aromatic plants of rose, geranium, lavender and spike lavender, rosemary and silver fir all grow happily side by side.  They create a feast for my eyes and solace for my soul.     I couldn’t think of a better source of inspiration to capture the essence of this lovely summer morning!

Here are some of the energetic properties of these essential oils:

Rose is associated with unconditional love.  It helps to bring in positive energy and promotes a sense of well-being.

Geranium eases heartache.  It has a very gentle nurturing energy that can soothe any issues caused by conflict, heartache, and abandonment.

Lavender promotes peace.  It can soothe grief and bring balance back into our lives.

Spike Lavender helps purify and protect.

Rosemary promotes clear thought and clear vision.

Silver Fir helps release energy blocks and allow one to access a renewed conscious awareness.

No wonder this Summer Synergy resonates with me.  It smells pretty good too!

You might want to look at the profiles for Rose, Geranium, Lavender, Rosemary and Silver Fir