After some reflection, I decided that my Summer Project 2017 should be to have a closer look at the course material and the way it is presented now.  I was open to see if there was a way to improve both content and the flow of delivery.   While I knew it would be a big job, one of the reasons I’ve put off doing such a big review like this in the past, I actually underestimated just how big a job it would turn out to be.   In spite of being so time-consuming, the past three months have confirmed for me that the course material that I offer is excellent!  I also believe that with the new revisions and some additions it is now even better than before!

The process:
  • I started by combining all the material back into one large course.
  • I systematically went through everything page by page. Reading, reviewing, revising, sometimes adding new content, sometimes re-writing old content.
  • Then I separated the material back out into the two courses.
  • Each course now consists of a Workbook and 3 Course book: Once again the workbook ties it all together leading the student logically through each lesson. Book 1 covers Safety, Chemistry, Research (and Products for 101), Book 2 covers Essential Oils and Carriers, Book 3 covers Pathways of Assimilation, Methods of Applications, Client Interactions (and A&P for 201).
What is different?
  • Essential Oils: All the Essential Oil Profiles have a new format with additional information.   Aromatherapy 101 now covers 30 essential oils.  Some oils from 201 have been moved to 101 and others from 101 have been moved to 201 to fit in better with the new format.  Aromatherapy 201 now covers 60 essential oil.  90 essential oils now covered in total.
  • Carriers: Additional carriers have been added to both courses.  101: Butters, Salts, and Clays have been added.  Hydrosols covered increased to 20.  201: Carrier oils covered increased to 21.
  • Making Products has been expanded in Aromatherapy 101 to include Good Manufacturing Practices, Disposing of Products and Product Pricing.
  • Creating Custom Blends and Products for your Clients and Client Briefs. New to 101.
  • Chemistry: 101: Rewritten to flow easier for people new to the subject. 201: New Exercises on Blending by Chemistry.
  • Other methods of choosing oils: New to Aromatherapy 201 – Doctrine of Signatures and Morphology of Plants.
  • Therapeutic and Emotional Indexes: Both have been updated to reflect the oils covered in the courses.  Aromatherapy 101: 30 oils and Aromatherapy 201: 90 oils.
  • Reference Charts: All have been updated to reflect the oils covered in the courses. Aromatherapy 101: 30 oils and Aromatherapy 201: 90 oils.

The new courses are ready to roll out.  The new PDF downloadable files are already available and I am waiting for my printed books to be delivered.

I should mention that there was an unexpected increase in the cost of printing the books.  Yes, there are now 4 books to be printed for each course, instead of two; and yes the course material has been expanded; and while I expected a price increase,  I had not anticipated that it would be so high.  This additional cost has meant that I have to implement a Price Increase on any of the versions that include printed copies of the books.  There will be No Price Increase for the downloadable versions. I would mention that while the printed copies are in Black and White, the PDF files are in color and although the PDF files are protected against change, they can be printed.

Diploma in Advanced Techniques