I am always fascinated by the different insights Dr. Berkowsky is able to present in his Spiritual PhytoEssencing work.  While Rhododendron is not a well-known essential oil, as more and more companies are starting to carry this oil, students have been asking me about the oil and its properties.  I do have a mini profile in the Article Archives on Rhododendron with basic information on this oil but in this blog I thought I would share some of the more subtle nuances of this oil.

In Spiritual PhytoEssencing, the Rhododendron-type tends to be an adult with a ‘stormy’ personal history, who can neither move forward in life, nor comfortably remain in the same position.  There is a disconnect between heaven and earth, male and female. Their life tends to rest on a shaky foundation which trembles in the winds and storms of life.  For the Rhododendron individual, both physically and spiritually, there is no place to seek “shelter from the storm”.  Dr. B. Berkowsky

So Rhododendron is the oil associated with lightening and storms.  OK most of us are not in a “Rhododendron state’, nor do we all have ‘stormy’ personal histories.  On the other hand we have probably all experienced periods of time where our ’emotions and circumstances’ may well have been described as being ‘stormy’.  Times when life’s albeit necessary, changes have left us feeling like we are being buffeted from all sides and we don’t feel like we are standing on firm and solid ground.  Those are the times when a little Rhododendron essential oil could make a world of difference, helping to bring us into a calm, grounded and centered place.

We could also consider using Rhododendron for people who are either ‘afraid of storms’ (weather or emotional) or those who love them (like those who thrill at going storm chasing).

I have always been amazed, and never disappointed, at the shifts I see happen in people when just one drop of essential oil, chosen purely because it is a match for their deep core issue/s, is added to their regular blend. When eliciting shifts at this level you only need a very little essential oil to make some profound changes.

I would certainly recommend that as you listen carefully to the person for whom you are blending and identify a deep core issue you consider adding just one drop of an energetic matching essential oil.  I believe you too will be amazed at the results you get.

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