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1. Oils high in monoterpenes are air antiseptic, stimulating, good for skin hygiene.

Essential oil components are absorbed into the body through:


Hydrotherapy will affect both the dermal and the respiratory interface.

4. Oils high in phenols are:
5. Alcohols are
6. Aldehydes are:
7. Esters are anti-inflammatory at the primary phase of inflammation.
8. Ketones are generally safe to use long term.
9. Terrain is the fertile ground for all functions of a human being, the environment in which disease may develop.
10. Homeostasis is :
11. What is the safest interface for essential oil absorption:
12. Steam Inhalations are safe to people who have asthma.
13. The most permeable part of the skin is:
14. The speed in which essential oils will penetrate the stratum corneum depends on the carrier they are diluted in.
15. What is the general dilution used for aromatherapy massage?
16. Tepid baths are used for:
17. The internal use of essential oils can be beneficial when dealing with infections.
18. The Maximum Oral Dose of Essential Oils for someone weighing 70 kgs.
19. The Maximum Oral Dose of Essential OIls for someone weighing 80 kgs.
20. The Maximum Oral Dose of Essential Oils for someone weighing 50 kgs
21. Suppositories achieve rapid systemic absorption.
22. Essential oils high in Sesquiterpenes will have:
23. Essential oils high in Esters will have:
24. Essential oils high in phenols will have:
25. Essential oils high in oxides will have: