Introduction to Natural Perfumery


Expand your blending skills by learning how to incorporate time honored techniques and skills used by professional perfumers for centuries!



The study of Natural Perfumery is both a complex and a time consuming one and can last a lifetime.  This introduction will get you started by expanding on the principles and techniques you might have already learned in an aromatherapy course.  If you are totally new to blending it will teach you blending principles that can be applied to create beautiful and appealing aromatic blends.  By expanding your knowledge in this way you will find a door opens to new and exciting experiences.  

While Natural Perfumery has a different focus when it comes to blending aromatics together, the techniques and tools covered in this workshop will help to improve anyone’s blending skills.  Whether you just want to improve the aroma of some of your regular aromatherapy blends or learn how to create real perfumes, this workshop is a great way to get started on this journey.
Regular Price one payment of $150.00.
Payment Plan 3 monthly payments of $60.00 each.


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