Ever wondered how to create essential oil blends based on the energetics of a person, place or situation?
Aromatic Lords and Ladies of the Universe is an Exercise in creating Energetic Essential Oil Synergies.
Based on the model of the Sun Signs of the Zodiac, this book shows you how to use the information you have access to and translate that information into the relevant essential oils, thereby creating a unique and very effective synergy. The book is divided into three sections: Section One deals with the ways in which essential oils are used and their safety precautions; Section Two gives a brief outline of the personality of each of the 12 Sun Signs and the unique Lord and Lady essential oil synergy created for that sign and Section Three contains the thirty-five mini essential oil profiles of the oils used to create the synergies. It also has an explanation here on how to put it all together. Once the concepts have been understood, this can be used with any other model. 115 Pages