Taking a look at Numerology and 2021, here are some of the energetic pointers that I’ve come up with for the year ahead.

In Numerology 2021 is a Universal 5 Year

What does that mean?

  • According to Helyn Hitchcock, this is a year of expansion, new interests, curiosity, change, versatility and activity. A rejuvenation will be felt with better working conditions.
  • Numerologist.com says a 5 Universal Year holds a changeable, adventurous and free-spirited energy. Because it comes at the mid-way point in the 9-Year cycle, in some ways it serves as a kind of pivot around which the two halves of the cycle turn. Its energy is said to usher in change.  The keys to success in a Universal 5 Year are to be: Flexible – the changes can be unexpected; Look for opportunities – be creative; Travel or Get away – when you can; Rein in your impulses – beware of overindulgences; Develop discipline – stay focused.
  • Astronumero.org says a Universal 5 year is a year of speculation and enthusiasm and breaking free. There also tends to be a bit of restlessness in a 5 year. People also seem to be more adaptable.  They are also more likely to take a chance on trying something new or to follow a whim. Trade seems to flow better. There is more interest in learning about other cultures, and Travel is likely to increase.
  • Feliciabender.com says, the number 5 is the energy of instability. Its point of emphasis is in pushing boundaries, exploration, bringing in new ideas, and engaging an adventurous and fearless spirit.  Expect the unexpected.  The energy is volatile, yet exciting. It is about exploring the true meaning of freedom.

Given the year we’ve all just experienced, hearing that a year of change and expansion is on the horizon is exciting.  As we have all already learned this year, the pandemic has certainly changed the way many people live and do things.  While many have found that their worlds have shrunk, so I think that a bit of expansion on the horizon sounds great.  We just have to be flexible and focused to make our plans become reality,

Creating an energetic blend around these energies could be a good way to welcome in, and support the new energies coming in.

My Themes for Numerology 2021

  • Number 5: Benzoin; Caraway; Chamomile Roman; Cistus; Lemon; Neroli; Orange; Spikenard.
  • Change: Angelica; Benzoin; Black Pepper; Black Spruce; Chamomile German; Chamomile Roman; Champaca; Cistus; Cypress; Elemi; Eucalyptus; Frankincense; Geranium; Ginger; Grapefruit; Helichrysum; Jasmine; Laurel; Lemon; Lime; Myrtle; Neroli; Patchouli; Pine; Rose; Fir; Spikenard; Vetiver.
  • Focus: Benzoin; Black Pepper; Cedarwood; Clary Sage; Hyssop; Lemon; Orange; Palmarosa; Thyme; Yarrow and Yuzu.

Both Benzoin and Lemon come up under all three themes, so I started with those two, and then considered the oils that come up twice: Black Pepper; Chamomile Roman; Cistus; Neroli and Orange,

The final choice that I came up with for my Universal 5 year blend for 2021 is Benzoin, Cistus and Lemon.

Last year I customized my Energetic Blend for 2020 by starting with an accord for the Universal Year and then adding the accord I created for my Personal Year.  I’m going to go ahead and do that again this year.  Once I have my accords made up separately, I will play around with adjusting the ratios to come up with a harmonious (at least to me) final accord.

I hope that you have fun creating your own blend for 2021 based on the energies of the Universal 5 year.  If you are interested in adding an accord based on your own personal year you can find some suggested accords for each year in the last year’s blog.  Have fun playing around with this.  Here is a link to last year’s blog.

Happy New Year!

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