This season we appear to be experiencing a particularly rampant outbreak of Influenza. Thank goodness for the support that aromatherapy and essential oils can offer us at this time.  Reports indicate that there are many more people affected this year than usual. According to some of the reports I have read, there are two mutated strains of influenza that are the root cause of the rise in cases.  Influenza Strain A (H3N2) primarily targets the elderly, and Influenza Strain B (Yamagata) affects adults and children. Strain A is expected to cause peak infections through January, while Strain B is expected to start peaking at the end of February and into the spring. So it looks like we could be in for a long, influenza season.

Time for Preventative Strategies

It is time to put some preventative measures in place and the article 3 Essential Oil Strategies to Prevent Colds is a good place to start.

Should you get a cold, or the flu, having some understanding of what you are dealing with and some strategies to deal with it could be found in the article I have on the Common Cold and the Antiviral Properties of Essential Oils

Resources to have on Hand

To help you weather the season here are some other links that might help:
Hand Sanitizer with a germ-busting blend.
Boosting the Immune System with an Immune Boosting Synergy.

Strategies if you do get affected by Influenza.

If you do get affected many of the strategies outlined in the blog post from last year on Respiratory Infections can be helpful as I have discovered first hand after coming down with the flu myself.  Usually, I can get a cold or flu under control in a very short time, but for some reason, I wasn’t able to this year and I’ve had all the classical Flu symptoms. At least the low-grade fever is over and now a week later, I’m only dealing with the tail end of the infection.

I hope you all stay well.

Influenza symptoms