As we approach the Holidays many people experience Holiday Stress.  All that extra shopping, baking, and cleaning, as well as parties and entertaining, take their toll.  It is really important to have some strategies in place that will help us cope.

This time of the year can bring up many feelings, that can sometimes take us off guard.  Fortunately, we have lots of wonderful essential oils we can blend up for the emotional challenges we might suddenly experience.  The article I have in the Article Archives on Emotional Disharmony will help you identify essential oils that could help you through this.

For more information on stress, this article on Stress with its Stress Buster Blends could be helpful.

We don’t have to wait for unwanted emotions to make themselves felt before we use our essential oil blends.  Finding easy ways to incorporate them into our daily lifestyle will go a long way to helping us keep Holiday Stress at bay.  The versatility of the essential oils and the variety of ways in which they can be used allows us to choose what works best for us.  That could be a relaxing bath or a meditation with your chosen oil or blend.  It might simply be diffusing your chosen oil or blend gently in the background. On the other hand, you might need to carry your personal inhaler around with you.

I think that it is important to remember just what these holidays represent in our lives.  A time to spend connecting and celebrating with loved ones.  As you are the only one who can control how you feel, remember it is OK to say No sometimes.  It is also OK to reach out and ask others to help you.   Stick to a budget and plan ahead are other strategies that will certainly help you to keep your Holiday Stress at bay.