///Holiday Aromatic Ceremony

Holiday Aromatic Ceremony

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The official Holiday Season is almost upon us.  Advent started last week, Hanukkah starts on Wednesday, and before you know it, Christmas will be here. So, this weekend, before the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season really takes over, I am going to honor the upcoming season with a Holiday Aromatic Ceremony.


The essential oils I have chosen for my blend are:
5 drops Lavender for Harmony
1 drop Vetiver for Home
3 drops Neroli for Peace
2 drops Frankincense for Wisdom

Holiday Aromatic Ceremony

Ahead of time:
  • Create the blend.
  • Have a pen, several small pieces of paper and a box handy.
Ready to go:
  • Light a candle. You can also add some crystals to the area where you are going to be sitting if you choose.
  • Start by inhaling your blend (you can create a personal inhaler, just pop a drop or two on a tissue or cotton ball, make a mister or add your blend to a diffuser.)
  • As you breathe in your blend allow yourself to reflect on the people in your life, your home and the upcoming season. Is everything just as you would like or are there some things that you would like to see differently? Don’t stress about this just let your thoughts unfold as you gently breathe in your blend.
  • When you are ready, write down how you would like to see this Holiday Season unfold for you and your loved ones. Gently inhale your blend again. Is this complete? Adjust if necessary then move on.
  • Now write down a special blessing for you and your loved ones. Gently inhale your blend again. Is this complete? Adjust if necessary then move on.
  • If you would like to have a special affirmation to take you through the season you can create one now. Once again gently inhale your blend. Review your affirmation and adjust if necessary.
  • Finally, take a few more moments to enjoy your blend and reflect on what you have written.
    When you are done, send your wishes out into the Universe by burning your paper with the intent that they will be fulfilled.
  • Blow out your candle.I will add my blend to a Mister. That was I can spritz it throughout the Christmas Season and anchor in wishes and blessings I activated for my loved ones and myself.

What will you create to send out to the Universe this Holiday Season?

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