Halloween is just around the corner so it is time to bring out my Halloween in Essential Oils Synergy!

This year it is benzoin, bergamot, black pepper and  cinnamon.

When I created my first Halloween Synergy, the first oils I thought about were cinnamon and nutmeg.  They reminded me of Pumpkins and Pumpkin Pies. On the other hand, I also knew that I wanted to include oils in my synergy that would honour and respect the other side of this holiday.  Honouring the  ‘souls of the departed‘.

In order to come up with just the right oils I first turned to Dr. Berkowsky’s Spiritual PhytoEssencing Repertory and chose these three Rubrics.

Death-Rebirth Miasm: cinnamon, cacao
Fear, of ghosts: camphor; cedarwood; cypress; eucalyptus; helichrysm; hemp; jasmine; lemon; mastic; oakmoss; parsley; patchouli; peru balsam; rosewood; sage; tarragon; turmeric; vetiver; yarrow.
Talks – Dead people, with: bergamot; buchu; carrot seed; catnip; celery seed; orris root; tarragon; tea tree.

The oils I chose for my first Halloween synergy were:

Bergamot – In Spiritual PhytoEssencing the theme of ‘Light and Darkness’ are central. On a Subtle level, Bergamot opens the Heart Chakra and allows love to radiate. It is uplifting and eases grief. Bergamot can help release relationship stress both with others and yourself. When one has guilt over past actions, meditation with Bergamot may help give one insights into the situation and help one to learn and grow from the experience.
Cinnamon – In Spiritual PhytoEssencing, the cinnamon type, has, in a broad-sense, undergone a rebirth in his life in that he felt compelled to remake his image in his own eyes. He struggles with might and main to effect the “death” of his doubt-filled self, so that he may be reborn as an individual who is secure in his self-worth. On a Subtle level,
Cinnamon can help transform sorrow into happiness.
Lemon – On a Subtle level, Lemon clears and cleanses the room. Helpful in alleviating fears of emotional involvement and promotes joy. It helps one to receive and understand intuitive information. When worn during the Full Moon it helps to attune with its energies.
Sage has often been associated with longevity and even immortality. On a Subtle level, Sage cleanses and purifies and is also thought to connect one to Ancestral memories.

I don’t always create the exact same synergy every year.  I like to make changes depending on what I am drawn to at the time, and other oils I have considered and included in some of the different Halloween Synergies I have made Include:

Rosemary – for remembrance (as a nod to All Saints and All Souls Day)
Black Pepper – for transitions and courage
Cypress – to ease the pain of loss, for transitions (death) and protection
Benzoin – for comfort and psychic protection
Cacao – to represent the chocolate so prevalent on this day.

This year I have quite decided on my final choice but I am leaning towards: Benzoin 3 parts, Cinnamon 2 parts, Black Pepper 1part and Bergamot 6 parts but I might adjust it a bit in the blending.

Will you make a special blend for Halloween?  What essential oils will you use?

Seasonal Blends for Halloween