Having an aromatic remedy ready to use is certainly helpful when life’s mishaps come along.  When it comes to First Aid for Sunburn, I always have my hydrosols and Aromatic Sunburn Gel ready to use in my fridge.

Now that summer is here with its long hot, fun-filled days, even the most careful of us can slip up and forget to take sufficient precautions.  Even if we start off remembering to take precautions, even the best of us can get caught up in what we are doing and we are left dealing with the aftermaths of sunburn.  If we are lucky all that will happen is that the skin will become a little red.  But of course, it can also be painful, red and swollen.  Blisters might form and some people may also experience a headache, fever or nausea.

When that happens to me I am very grateful for my Aromatic First Aid Kit.  Here I have what I need to cool the skin, as well as deal with the itching and pain that can result after a day spent in the sun without enough protection.

  • I like to keep my hydrosols in the fridge so they are cool and ready to go.  Simply spray the whole area that has been sunburned and repeat as often as needed.
    • Lavender Hydrosol is usually the first one that I turn to. It is gentle, balancing, cooling and hydrating and great for all skin types.
    • Peppermint Hydrosol can also be helpful with its cooling and itch relieving properties.
    • Sometimes this is all that is needed to bring relief and get the healing going.
  • In my Aromatic First Aid Kit, I have my Aromatic Sunburn Gel made up and ready to go.  I usually only make up a relatively small amount but if you have a larger family you might want to double or triple the quantities. I usually use Comfrey Gel because it is the one I usually have on hand.

My Aromatic Sunburn Gel 

Comfrey Gel 30 gm (1 ounce)
Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) 16 drops
Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) 4 drops
Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) 4 drops
Make sure you mix the essential oils well into the gel.
I usually have a box of craft sticks on hand.  Inexpensive and great for one-time use.

  • Both of these approaches will help to cool and soothe the skin, as well as bring pain relief.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.
  • Avoid more sun exposure until your skin has healed.

The article I have on Vacation Time with Essential Oils has lots of ideas for quick and easy blends you might find useful if you are going away on Holiday.

Have a wonderful, safe and happy summer!

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