According to Joni Keim & Ruah Bull in their book Daily Aromatherapy, Transforming the Seasons of Your Life with Essential Oils, the best essential oil for Perseverance is Fennel!  They go on to say that it:

• Fortifies emotionally
• Promotes perseverance
• Encourages assertiveness
• Motivates and builds confidence, especially in communication.

Just the qualities I need right now to get my Summer Project completed.   Summer is coming to an end and I still have some work to complete so that I can add the 301 course to the lineup.  I’m in the home stretch but I need a bit of support and encouragement to get to that finish line!

Time to do an aromatic affirmation with Fennel to help me get the job done!

According to Keim & Bull, one should sit quietly, eyes closed, then take three slow, relaxed deep breaths.  Now open your eyes and put a drop of Fennel on a tissue and inhale the aroma through your nose.  Pause and inhale again.  Say out loud, or internally, the following affirmation:

I am empowered to persevere as I pursue my goals.”
Fennel helps to support your ability to persevere in the pursuit of your goals.

Did you know...The word fennel is derived from the Latin fenuculum, which means ‘hay‘?

It is thought that the plant got its name because it was frequently used as a fodder.  The ancient Greeks called it marathon, which means ‘to grow thin‘.   It would appear that fennel was one of the earliest ‘slimming aids‘!   Because of the feeling of fullness that it gives, it is said that wealthier Greeks ate fennel to help them slim down.

Fennel is also well known for its many supportive effects on the digestive system.  It helps to improve digestion and ease stress-related indigestion.  It may also relieve colic, gas, hiccups, nausea, and vomiting. Fennel oil helps to tone the smooth muscles of the intestines and through this action, it can help strengthen peristalsis and counteract constipation.

Contra-indications and Cautions: Do not use during pregnancy.  Use with extreme caution if subject to epilepsy.  Use with caution on sensitive skins as this oil may cause mild skin sensitization.

I do hope that your Summer has been going well for you, whether you too are completing a project, or just taking time to relax and rejuvenate.

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