I often make up blends to reflect the energies of the season and with Easter being just over a week away I have been thinking about what I want to use this year.  Do I want to reuse a blend form the past or create something new?  My Easter Synergy from last year is still available as a blog post, however after reading “Cursing the Basil and other Folklore of the Garden” by Vivian A. Rich, I got some new inspiration as to what to use this year!

This book is an interesting read filled with lots of Folklore associated with many different plants, and while many of them don’t produce essential oils, some of them do.  Here is what I read this morning:

  • The Crucifixion was held responsible for changes in many flowers.
  • The white jasmine is known as the Star of Divine Hope and was associated with the purity of the Virgin Mary.  When Christ was crucified the most beautiful flowers in the world curled up and died.  The jasmine, which was at the time a pink flower, closed its petals and quietly bore the pain of the world.  The morning after the Crucifixion, the plant was still alive.  Its flowers opened by the pink had left forever.
  • Violets were another flower changed by the Crucifixion.  It was thought that they were strong and upright until the shadow of the cross fell on some violets on Mount Calvary and ever since then the flowers have bowed their heads in shame.
  • Although the rose was also the floral symbol of the Crucifixion of Christ it came to be more strongly identified with the Virgin Mary.
  • Vervain was believed to have been used to dress Christ’s wounds when he was removed from the cross.  As a result the plant is called ‘the Herb of the Cross’ and it was popularly believed in Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance that it would cure many ailments because it had grown on Mount Calvary.

And according to Mark’s New Testament when Christ was on the cross he was offered a mixture of wine and Myrrh.

And so I have the oils for my Easter Synergy 2017: Jasmine, Violet, Rose and Myrrh with the Bach Remedy Vervain.

Blend 2017

Seasonal Blends for Easter and Passover