This coming weekend will be one where many will be celebrating either Easter or Passover.  As I always like to create special synergies in essential oils to reflect the season, I thought I’d share some ideas for those who might like to do the same.

Easter is the most important annual religious feast in the Christian liturgical year and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year the celebration of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ begins on Thursday, March 29 with Holy Thursday and ends on April 1st with Easter Sunday.

While Passover is the holy day and festival commemorating the biblical event of Hebrews’ escape from enslavement in Egypt. This year Passover will start at sunset on Friday, March 30th and will continue for 7 days.

So what do the two have in common and what’s any of this got to do with using essential oils?

  • Well firstly, as you can see, this weekend Christians and Jews all over the world will be celebrating Easter and Passover and for many, the meaning behind these feasts is more than special food and chocolate treats.
  • Secondly, we can see that both feasts celebrate Mankind’s gratefulness to God for His Intervention and Deliverance.
  • So why not create a special essential oil synergy that captures the essence of what is important to you around these holidays.  When creating the blend you would consider your own special intentions for this season and incorporate essential oils into the blend that reflect your hopes, wishes and dreams. Then by using the blend, you will be able to subtly bless yourself and everyone else around you.
  • How you choose to use your blend is entirely up to you, however, I find that using it in a diffuser or a mister is a great way to go.

So how will you choose the oils that will go into your blend?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Think about what this season means to you and what you would like to highlight in your blend. Choose your theme and, depending on how complex you want to make your blend, you can certainly choose more than one theme to blend on.
  2. Consider the essential oils that you have and given their subtle properties decide which ones would fit the themes you want to reflect. There are mini-profiles on many of the essential oils on my website’s Articles Archive as well as an article on Your Own Special Blend.
  3. Once you have chosen the oils for your blend, go ahead and create it.

Now you are ready to use your blend in the most appropriate way for you over the next few days.

To help you make your choices for your Easter and Passover blends here are some Themes and suggested essential oil choices taken from Dr. Berkowsky’s Spiritual PhytoEssencing Repertory. 

These are the themes I considered when deciding what to put into my  Easter blend:

COURAGE: Benzon; cumin; elemi; jasmine; myrtle; patchouli; sage; tagetes; tea tree; valerian; yarrow
DEATH: Angelica; basil; bitter orange peel; cypress; frankincense; lemon; myrrh; neroli; yarrow
FAITH: Cedarwood; cistus; clary sage; coriander; frankincense; geranium; grapefruit; juniper; marjoram; myrrh; rose; rosemary; sandalwood; vetiver
GRIEF: Angelica; benzoin; bitter orange peel; cistus; clary sage; cypress; elemi; eucalyptus; frankincense; geranium; ginger; helichrysum; hyssop; jasmine; juniper; laurel; lavender; lemon; lemongrass; marjoram; melissa; myrrh; myrtle; neroli; niaouli; nutmeg; palmarosa; patchouli; peppermint; pine; ravensara; Roman chamomile; ravensara; rose; rosewood; sandalwood; silver fir; St John’s wort; valerian; vetiver; violet; yarrow
JOY: Bitter orange peel; cistus; coriander; frankincense; ginger; hyssop; juniper; lemon; lemongrass; melissa; myrrh; neroli; niaouli; patchouli; rose; rosewood; vetiver; violet
SCORNED: (rejected): Benzoin; bitter orange; carrot seed; helichrysum; jasmine; juniper; lemongrass; mastic; myrrh; neroli; niaouli; nutmeg; peppermint; Roman chamomile; sage; thyme; vetiver; yarrow
WOUNDS : Puncture: cypress; ginger; hyssop; melissa; St. John’s wort; yarrow

He has no listing for salvation however, I would consider sage (Salvia officinalis)and/or clary sage (Salvia sclarea) for this. From my Aromatherapy 201 course notes under Sage: the Latin name Salvia is derived from the same root as ‘salvation’ since sage was considered to be able to save people from illness and death. It was called ‘herba sacra’ sacred herb by the Romans.

This year my Easter Synergy was created around the essential oils of Benzoin, Cypress, Grapefruit and Neroli and I have made this made up in a diffuser blend ready to use and share.

I wish you all a Blessed Easter and a Happy Passover!

Seasonal Blends for Easter and Passover