Direct Contact Hours

The concept of 40 Direct Contact Hours was introduced by the AIA at the end of 2017 as one of their requirements for recognizing Schools at their Level 3 School Level.  They believe that having direct contact between instructor and student will better assist the student in their understanding of the subject matter, as well as give the schools another opportunity to assess that understanding.

As  I can certainly see the benefit these Direct Contact Hours offer to the students, and while they are not a requirement, unless you wish to join the AIA as a Level 3 Advanced Practioner, I would encourage everyone to complete some, if not all, of the 40  topics provided.

Topics 1 – 15  are covered in the Aromatherapy 101 course.  Topics 16 – 40 are covered in the Aromatherapy 201 course.

Each topic and its accompanying questionnaire/report is rated as one Direct Contact Hour.  There is a guide for you to download for each topic.  Follow the instructions in the guide and when you are ready, complete and submit your questionnaire/report.  If you have any additional comments or questions on this material you will have an opportunity to add them to your questionnaire/report in the comments box. Once submitted, they will be reviewed as soon as possible and Beverley will get back to you with a response.  A copy of all your completed questionnaires/reports will be kept in your file to provide a formal record of the Direct Contact Hours you have completed.

For those who participate in the Direct Contact Hours,  these hours will be documented on their Transcript, along with the results of their Exam, Essay and mini Case Studies for Aromatherapy 101 and along with the results of their Exam, Research Paper and Case Studies for Aromatherapy 201.

Reminder:  Those applying to join the AIA as a Level 3 Advanced Practitioner during 2018 are required to have completed 20 Direct Contact Hours.  Those applying to join the AIA as a Level 3 Advanced Practitioner from 2019 onward are required to have completed 40 Direct Contact Hours.  They must also request and complete the AIA version of the Aromatherapy 201 Exam.  Our Direct Contact Hours are spread over both Aromatherapy 101 and Aromatherapy 201 so those participating are encouraged to do them as they work through the appropriate section in the course material.