Creating the Perfect Blend for your new exciting product can sometimes be challenging. How do we choose the right blend from all our essential oil choices?

As most of you know I neither have a product line nor make bulk products for resale. But I do like to make up things for my own use. Along the way I am always open to trying out new ideas. Recently I thought I’d experiment with foaming bottles and liquid soap base. I’m tired of hand soaps that smell synthetic and I wanted something fresh. I always find it exciting to see how new ideas will work out.

The liquid soap base and the foaming bottles worked really nicely, but what essential oils was I going to add?

We have so many choices and sometimes that can be overwhelming. I started by thinking I’d just take the short easy road and look at other people’s blends. After all it’s just for me. Well I should have remembered I always prefer to make my own blends.  After spending time replicating some of these blends I decided that while many of them were OK to smell once in a while, none of them were blends I wanted to smell on my hands every time I washed them.

So back to the drawing board.  I decided that I needed to approach this from two vantage points. The first question was; What did I want the blend to do? and the second was; How did I want it to smell?

Because I wanted to use my foaming soap in the kitchen being able to eliminate germs and smells was my top priority.   I had recently chopped up an onion and had a really hard time getting rid of the smell from my fingers and nails.  I also wanted the aroma to be light, uplifting and pleasant, after all I was going to be using often and at all different times of the day.

Fortunately although some oils are more potent than others, many essential oils do have the anti-bacterial, anti-viral type properties I was looking for. On the other hand,  because I know that diffusing lemon can be very helpful in getting rid of cooking smells, I thought I’d work around a lemon aroma profile.

Lemon Citrus x limonum, with its sweet, fresh, uplifting aroma and its antimicrobial, antiseptic and antiviral properties was my starting point.
However as Lemon, as a top note with a pretty low odour intensity, dissipates pretty quickly I needed other oils to help anchor the blend.

I started by adding in a couple of other citrus oils, Grapefruit Citrus x paradisi and Lime Citrus x aurantifolia. Both are top notes and while grapefruit has a similar odour intensity to lemon, lime’s odour intensity is stronger.  Grapefruit has a fresh, sweet, citrusy, refreshing aroma and  antiseptic properties, while lime has fresh, sharp, citrusy and uplifting aroma with anti-septic properties.

But these are all still top notes so I needed to add a middle note. I played around with a number of different lemon scented oils but my final choice was Lemon Myrtle (Buckhousia citriodora). It is a middle note with a medium – high odour intensity and because of its a high percentage of citral has antiseptic, bactericide and fungicide properties.

I also added Juniper Juniperus communis. A middle note of medium odour intensity with a light, fresh, woody aroma and antiseptic and parasiticide properties.

Finally to anchor it all I decided to add Frankincense Boswelia carterii, as my base note. Its woody, spicy, slightly sweet aroma has a tinge of lemon in the dryout and it has a high odour intensity. Frankincense also has antiseptic properties.

And there it was – the components of my new blend – Lemon Delight!

I decided to use the blend both in my hand soap and in my air freshener mister and I am very happy with the results!

Lemon Delight Hand Soap

1 50 ml foamer bottle
49.5 ml  liquid soap
Essential Oils (just under a 1% dilution)
3 drops Lemon
1 drop Grapefruit
1 drop Lime
1 drop Juniper
1 drop Lemon Myrtle
1 drop Frankincense

Lemon Delight Air Mister

(shake before spraying)
60 ml Mister Spray Bottle
50 ml distilled water (or a mix of grain alcohol and distilled water)
Essential Oils (just over a 2% dilution)
9 drops Lemon
3 drops Grapefruit
3 drops Lime
3 drops Juniper
3 drops Lemon Myrtle
3 drops Frankincense

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