A great deal of very important and necessary information on what needs to be done physically to deal with COVID-19 is being shared daily, but what about the emotional impact it is having on so many people?

This is an area where our wonderful essential oil can really play a pivotal role.  Yes, there are essential oils that have great antiviral, antimicrobial properties and we certainly want to incorporate them in our strategies to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our environment.  On the other hand, let us not forget the very important role they can play in helping with all the emotions that a pandemic brings to the surface.   The negative emotions that come up may not be exactly the same for everyone, but with so many wonderful essential oils at our disposal, we can certainly create some lovely blends to help soothe and calm the fear and anxiety that is evident in people’s reactions.

There are some Stress Buster recipes shared in the article on Stress, while the article on Emotional Disharmony lists suggestions of essential oils to consider for different emotional states.

From what I have observed emotions like fear, frustration, worry, anger, anxiety and panic are surfacing.  Self-isolation and social distancing, while very important may mean that there are going to be those who are feeling isolated and lonely.  Let us concentrate on creating some essential oil blends that have a positive effect on the emotions of all who get to enjoy them.

When you create your COVID-19 Essential Oil Care Kit (hand sanitizers, surface sprays, immune booster blends, antiviral, antimicrobial blends etc.) I strongly recommend that you include blends for your emotional support.  Whether you create a blend that will deal with a particular negative emotion, or create an all purpose one to uplift the spirits, being able to take advantage of the direct effect aromas have on our emotional states will help us navigate the situation we all find ourselves in.    Use the blends in a diffuser, a room spray, a personal inhaler, personal perfume, bath and body products.  Adding some of the Bach Flower Remedies to your blends could also be very helpful.  You will find more information on each of the 38 Bach Remedies here.