We all know how important it is to understand the chemistry and physical attributes of the essential oils that we use, but how important is it to understand their inner soul nature?  I have found that this is an integral part of the knowledge base I want to work from, particularly when I blend holistically for an individual.  It doesn’t matter whether I am blending for a simple physical challenge, or something that will interact at a deeper physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level, when I can add even just 1 drop of an oil that reflects the inner soul nature of the client, the resulting blends become so much more.

Coffee essential oil is an oil that is seldom used in aromatherapy, but there are times when I have found adding just 1 or 2 drops to my blend have made quite a difference.

Coffee (Coffea arabica L.)

Family: Rubiaceae

Plant Description:  In its wild state, the coffee plant is a small tree that can grow to a height of 15- to 40-feet. However, cultivated coffee plants are shrub-like, as they are topped when about 4-feet high in order to keep them short enough for efficient picking. Unlike other fruit trees, the coffee tree does not blossom all at once and go out of bloom in a week or two, but rather, continues to bloom for about four months. The coffee plant begins to bear fruit after about 3- to 4-years and then continues to do so for about 30-years. The flowers produce cherry-like berries, each of which contains two grey-green seeds which turn brown after roasting.

History/Folklore:  According to Ethiopian legend, around 800 C.E., a goatherd noticed his herd dancing from one coffee tree to another, grazing voraciously on coffee berries. Intrigued, he decided to try some himself and was soon jumping around from tree to tree with his flock, enthusiastically gorging on the berries. A passing monk witnessing this spectacle gathered some of the berries and brought them back to his monastery. That night he and his fellow monks made a repast of the berries and found that they became unusually alert to divine inspiration.

Extraction:  A thick, dark brown liquid cold expeller pressed from the dark, roasted, beans.

Aroma:  Smells like a pot of coffee

Odour intensity:  Medium

Perfume Note:  Middle to Base

Blends well with:  Allspice, Ambrette Seed Co2, Amyris, Balsam of Peru, Bergamot, Black Pepper Cardamom, Cedarwood Himalayan, Cinnamon, Clove Bud, Cocao Absolute, Ginger, Grapefruit Pink,  Jasmine grand Absolute, Juniper Berry, Labdanum Absolute, Lavender Bulgarian and High Altitude, Neroli, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Rose Absolute, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Vetiver.

Perfume Key Qualities: Stimulating to the senses.

Chemistry:  Oleic acid: 79.2%

Cautions:  Dilute before use; for external use only. May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use. Contact with eyes should be avoided.

Uses: According to lgbotanicals.com Coffee essential oil is an antioxidant and makes a superb addition to anti-ageing skin care items, body scrubs and cellulite wraps. Blend with Cocao Absolute and/or Vanilla Co2 for a decadent antioxidant-rich anti-ageing facial mask or sugar scrub.

According to edensgarden.com Coffee is great for stimulating hair growth.  They say you can sniff it instead of drinking it to get you going in the morning.  They also say that it is a skin tightening astringent.

Spiritual PhytoEssencing

Themes: Duality.  Sneakiness.

The coffee type is nervous, excitable, over-reactive and restless.  These emotions can be brought on by both joyful and stressful events.  After successfully completing tasks they may have to retreat exhausted and weeping to their beds.  Weeping is a characteristic quality of this individual and it doesn’t take much for them to start crying.  Their emotional threshold is very low and they are equally touched by both happy and tragic events.  They are also very sensitive to criticism and their feelings can be easily hurt by even innocent remarks or what they perceive as neglect.  They are quick to act and think and will often like awake at night making plans.   They can also be impatient, me-me types.   Emotions such as jealousy, intrigue and avariciousness can also be part of the coffee picture.  There is a fragility that is mixed in with all the hyperactivity and they don’t take criticism well.  They can be an affinity to rats.

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