Cinnamon Hydrosol, is not the easiest hydrosol to find, however it is wonderful to spritz to keep the air and surfaces germ free.  Diluted in water it can taste pretty good too.

(Cinnamomum verum / C. zeylanicum)

Family: Lauraceae

Plant Description:  A tropical evergreen tree which grows up to 15 meters high.  It has sharp spines, smooth ovate leaves, small white flowers and bluish-white berries.

History/Folklore:  Cinnamon has been used in both Eastern and Western cultures for several thousand years.  It, along with Cassie is mention in the bible.  The ancient Egyptians used it in mummification and it was one of the ingredients recommended by Diodorus to anoint the body.  Arab traders supplied the spice to the Greeks and Romans.  Cinnamon was first cultivated around 1770 by the Dutch, who then introduced cinnamon into their East Indian colonies, particularly Java and Indonesia.

Aroma and Taste:  Suzanne Catty describes the leaf hydrosol as being ‘candy, sweet, yummy, just like the best cinnamon sweetie you ever tasted.  The bark hydrosol has a deeper cinnamon scent, with that intense edge one finds in the oil.  Both hydrosols are powerful but quite delicious undiluted and retain their flavors well even in microdilution.’  She also says that added to coffee they are delicious.  Combined with coriander seed and cardamom pod hydrosols and hot water they are good for an aromatherapy chai.  She does say: AVOID spraying directly on the face.

Stability and Shelf Life:  The Leaf hydrosol is very stable 2 years plus.  The bark hydrosol lasts 18 – 24 months.

Bark pH: 3.3  Leaf pH: 3.9


Cinnamon hydrosol has antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral properties so great for clearing out infections of all kinds.  It also has digestive tonic so good to add to water to sip on for digestive uneasiness.  It also tastes pretty good used in cooling.  On the emotional level it is head clearing and uplifting and helps with feelings of emotional coldness, fear and depression.

Uses says: Cinnamon hydrosol is a natural, all-purpose surface cleaner.  It is also great to spray to reduce airborne health threats. says: Cinnamon hydrosol helps regulate healthy bacteria management as well as reduce the presence of unwelcome microbial activity.  Very settling to the digestive system and makes an excellent tonic for relieving bloating and preventing gas.  As a room spray it can be very stimulating and clearing to the mind.  Energizing and uplifting.


I personally find that by their very nature, hydrosols are particularly helpful when used energetically.  I like to include them in misters and sprays and find that they can make a subtle and effective difference.

In Dr. Berkowsky’s Spiritual PhytoEssencing, Cinnamon has the Themes of Cold and Dampness.  Cinnamon oil can help turn ‘darkness’ into ‘light’.

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