It is not that often that both Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice fall on the same day, but this year they do.  This weekend we get to celebrate both our dads and the Summer.

Father’s Day

The information I shared in my previous blog on Father’s Day in Essential Oils will give you a good starting point about what you might want to add in a special blend for your dad. You will also find information here on making an After Shave Oil or A Beard Oil which could make a nice gift!

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.  Unknown

Summer Solstice

The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol (sun) and stitium (to stop).  Summer solstice is the longest day of the year and there are many traditions that people follow to celebrate it.  Some like to dance around a maypole, while other light a bonfire in celebration.  Dancing around a maypole or lighting a bonfire have been ways different people have traditionally celebrated this day. This year why not consider an Aromatic Ceremony to honor Summer?

Aromatic Ceremony for Summer Solstice

Based on the ceremony shared by Joni Keim & Ruah Bull

  1. Decide on which oils you will include in your Blend. Choose the oils that speak to you and will help you to focus on your goals.  I have included a couple of suggestions below.
  2. Create your blend and have it ready.
  3. You are now going to create a Vision Board while inhaling your special blend.
  4. Before you start, sit quietly and close your eyes. As you set your intention to manifest your desires, take three slow, relaxed breaths.  Now open your eyes.
  5. Now it is time to use your Summer Blend. Diffuse it.  Put a drop on a tissue to inhale.  Mist it from a mister bottle.  It doesn’t matter which method you choose, so choose one that resonates with you.
  6. As you enjoy your blend, consider what you would like to manifest over the summer months.
  7. Then when you are ready, start working on your vision board by drawing, or pasting a picture of a lovely Sun, right in the middle of your piece of paper.
  8. Now start to write down your desires and goals around it. Then add pictures to help bring it all to life.
  9. As you continue to work on your Vision board, pause and take moments to tap into the lovely aromatic energies of your blend.
  10. When you have added all the goals and desires you have for now, dray a golden ray from the center of the sun to each of your goals.
  11. As you do this imagine that the energy of the summer sun is activating and energizing your desires.
  12. You want to put this picture somewhere where you can see it often. Looking at it, reviewing your goals and desires, seeing them manifest, all help to bring their actualization closer.  Know too that you can always change, tweak, add or remove anything that you have on this vision board.  With each revision, reactivate it with a new ray from your central sun.
Joni Keim & Ruah Bull’s Blend for Summer Solstice.

5 drops Rosemary for Mental clarity
2 drops Peppermint for mental energy
1 drop Pine for willpower
1 drop Tea Tree for energizing on all levels
3 drops Ginger for manifesting

Scott Cunningham’s Summer Solstice Blend

4 drops Frankincense
2 drops Cinnamon
1 drop Petitgrain
1 drop Rosemary

For those who are wanting to manifest a specific aspect or quality this Summer, the article I have on Your Own Special Blend has quite a lot of suggestions to choose from.  If you are in a place of transition and are looking to create something new.  The blend I shared in my blog on the New Moon could be a good starting point for your blend.

Both June Packages 2020 and 2021 in the Bev Hawkins Membership Club contain recipes for Fathers Day Blends.

Joni Keim & Ruah Bull, Transforming the Seasons of Your Life with Essential Oils
Scott Cunninhgam, Compete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews.