Blending holistically still seems to be a foreign concept to many, but this is what well trained, confident, competent aromatherapists do all the time.  Being able to create unique holistic blends is one of the reasons people invest the time and effort in training to become a qualified aromatherapist.

I still get calls from people expecting a quick answer from me on what is the best oil for this condition or that condition. They seem to think that because they are wanting to get away from drugs and take a more natural approach, they can call someone up and get an on the spot solution. They don’t seem to have thought about the fact that it would be unethical for me to make suggestions about essential oils they should, or shouldn’t, use without a proper consultation, which would entail me getting a whole lot more information. I am sure they wouldn’t expect to be able to call up their medical doctor and have them diagnose and prescribe over the phone.

What is even more concerning is the fact that information on the use of essential oils is freely shared by people who have had minimal or no training.  When a professional reads what they are recommending it becomes apparent that they have little or no understanding of what essential oils, with their complex chemical structure really are.  Nor do they really understand what we can expect from the oils and what contraindications we should be aware of.

The truth is that there never is just ONE right oil for anything. There are many options and when it comes to assessing what the best fit will be for the person in question it is important to take many different aspects into consideration.  Blending holistically allows one to create a blend that is specifically designed with them and their own unique challenges in mind.

The best approach for those who want to use essential oils for serious medical conditions is to seek out a trained professional aromatherapist and set up a consultation with them.

The consultation will be a time of  information gathering that is not just restricted to the diagnosis, (to be clear the aromatherapist will not be making the diagnosis, that is out of their scope of practice, the diagnosis if there is one, would have already been established by their medical doctor), and if they have one it would be a place to start.

But that is just the beginning.  In addition to looking at the physical symptoms, an aromatherapist will also want to address any emotional challenges that might be present.  These may or may not be directly associated with their physical conditions, but they always do seem to have a bearing on healing.

Other things to take into consideration is the individual’s own willingness to be an active participant in the process and take some personal responsibility for their own health and healing.  They do have to be prepared to be compliant in using the blends and want to follow the protocols.  The blends and methods of application can be designed to fit into someone’s lifestyle as easily as possible.  This will set the stage for success.  If someone is not interested in participating in their own healing, good results can be very hard to achieve.

It is my belief that anyone wanting to use essential oils on or for themselves, their family and/or with others owes it to themselves to learn more about these wonderful complex gifts of nature. There are lots of reputable books available and this is a good way to start.  I have a list of Books I Recommend right here on this website that could help get you started.   For those who are more serious, consider taking a course.  When you take a course you are given the opportunity to be guided by someone who knows the material well.  They can help you understand the concepts and support you while you build your knowledge base.  At the end of the course, you too will be a well trained, competent and successful aromatherapist.

Do keep in mind that unless you have the proper training yourself, when it comes to the more serious conditions, don’t play around.  See a professional.  There is no substitute to working with someone who really knows what they are doing.

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