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Beverley Hawkins

Beverley Hawkins, Essential Oil Therapist – EOT®, Registered Aromatherapist – RA®, CAHP, Di.SPE. is a Registered Aromatherapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, Reiki master, Bach Flower Registered Practitioner, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Spiritual PhytoEssencing Practitioner and educator, and is passionate about aromatherapy, essential oils, and practicing the art of aromatherapy safely and effectively.

She says “To be accepted into someone else’s ‘circle of trust’ and allowed to interact with them on a personal level to create blends and protocols to help them with their challenges is a real privilege.  To then see how they change, blossom, grow, heal and move forward is the reward of a job well done.  Every time I am allowed to experience this, my love and respect for aromatherapy and the use of aromatics grows.  Aromatherapy is truly a dynamic art and one I will never grow tired of.  I am so very grateful to my students and clients for affording me these wonderful opportunities to learn and grow in a field that I love.”

While Beverley has an excellent understanding of the more scientific aspects that form the foundations of this art, like aromatherapy chemistry, anatomy & physiology and research, she also views her clients through a holistic lens. Because she works within this holistic framework, she is very cognizant of the importance of blending for the whole person, body, mind and spirit, and not just a condition.  She believes that in order to get real results, blends and protocols should be designed to address the whole individual and her perspective is mirrored in the course material that she teaches.

In 2005/2006, Beverley received Honorary Lifetime Membership from the BCAPA as a thank you for her years of service and dedication to the profession of Aromatherapy and its practitioners.

In 2012 Beverley was the recipient of the BCAOA’s Award of Excellence.

Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.   Aristotle

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Beverley also maintains a private practice where she sees clients in person or does consultations via telephone, Zoom or Skype.