The Bev Hawkins Membership Club was first launched in January 2020 and is a subscription club.  Focused, detailed and insightful information is shared through the monthly packages in a relaxed and supportive way.

Our Members include:

  • Anyone who has an interest in aromatherapy and the use of aromatics.
  • The Novice, who is starting out and wants to expand their knowledge.
  • The Enthusiast, who are more familiar with using essential oils and who wants to learn more without taking a formal course.
  • The Professional, who wants to continue to both expand, and share their knowledge in a like minded community.

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Welcome Package – My Thank You to you. FREE Blending webinar;  Aromatic Gifts for all Ages and All Seasons e-book; multiple  informational PDF files on: Essential Oils, Reflexology Charts, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystals and Color Therapy; as well as information on understanding the essential oil chemistry and brief explanations of the Chakras and Meridians.
  • Monthly Package – Our journey through each month’s package starts with the energetics of the month and includes a blend created especially for this. We then continue our explorations by reviewing a specific condition. This includes an overview of the condition, appropriate essential oils and carriers to consider, as well as aromatherapy strategies. Also available to download are relevant research studies and example blends. Each month we focus on one essential oil and this includes information on the oil and its use for body, mind and spirit. As well as research studies and blends containing this oil as an ingredient. Choosing and blending the final Inspiriational Blend is a fun and creative exercise and we close our journey with the Mini Meditation built around this blend.
  • Certificate – On completion of each Monthly Package download a 2 hour Certificate of Completion. Great for those wanting to collect Continuing Education Credits.
  • Previously Published Packages remain available for all Members.
  • Community of like-minded people to share our love of essential oils with.

Take a Peek Inside the Club, Learn More, or Join  HERE