Why do I think that Bergamot is Sunshine in a Bottle?

When I sniff Bergamot I find a gentle smile creeps over my face and a feeling of warmth, calm and peace floods in.  I am reminded of how I feel when I allow myself the time, and luxury, to just sit in the sun and allow its warmth and calm to invade my spirit.   We sometimes talk about bottling an experience, or a feeling, well with essential oils or essential oil blends, sometimes we can.

Bergamot (Citrus x bergamia) of the Rutaceae Family loves the sun and needs full sun exposure and a rich, well-drained soil to flourish.  It is an ornamental tree, with fragrant, white, star-shaped flowers; smooth, glossy, ovate, dark green leaves; and small, edible, pear-shaped citrus fruit that flourishes in Southern Italy and on the Ivory Coast.

It was during the early 10th century that the Arabs introduced lemons, a variety of oranges and other citrus trees to Malta and Sicily.  Recent DNA analysis have shown that Bergamot is, in fact, a hybrid produced from a cross between the bitter orange (Citrus x aurantium) and the sweet lime (Citrus limetta).  Interesting, that makes it a hybrid from a partial hybrid.  I wonder, what energetic qualities, do  the sun; the rich, well-drained soil; and being a hybrid bring to the oil?

The beautiful emerald green essential oil is  expressed from the peel of its fruit.  Its effervescent, citrusy, floral aroma is well known for its reviving, refreshing, calming, soothing, uplifting, sedative, regulating, balancing and anti-depressant qualities.  We only need to look at the many things bergamot is used for to see these qualities at play at all levels.

On a physical level, the regulating, balancing qualities have been used for conditions affecting the skin, respiratory system and digestive system.
On an emotional level, the calming, soothing, anti-depressant qualities have been very effective in dealing with anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress-related conditions.
On a mental level, the reviving, refreshing, sedative qualities promote mental clarity and peace of mind.
On a spiritual level, Bergamot helps to bring in positive energy, as well as instilling feelings of joy and calm.

In the Chakra System, Bergamot is associated with the Heart Chakra.  It can help to open it and allow love to radiate.
In Animal Medicine, Bergamot is associated with the Penguin.  They both promote hope.  Penguin is loving, loyal and ever-hopeful.  Both trusting and trustworthy.
In Colour Therapy, Bergamot’s Healing Colours are considered to be green and yellow.
In Ayurvedic Medicine, Bergamot is thought to balance Vata, Increase Pitta and decrease Kapha.
In Chinese Medicine, Bergamot’s essential function is to regulate the Qi and harmonize the Shen

Cautions: Topical application of expressed bergamot can cause phototoxicity.  It may also irritate sensitive skins.  FCF Bergamot, where the furocoumarins responsible for phototoxicity, have been removed, is available from some sources, however the aroma is not as rich as regular bergamot.

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