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Aromatherapy Course 101 | West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy 101

Aromatherapy 101 is the starting point on the journey to aromatherapy certification. In this course, we start at the beginning and systematically go through everything you need to know to safely and effectively use essential oils.  Read More...

Aromatherapy Course 201 | West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy 201

Aromatherapy 201 builds on the foundation learned in Aromatherapy 101 and completion of Aromatherapy 101 is a prerequisite for moving on to this course. This is the course that leads to Professional Aromatherapy Certification. Read More

Why Choose our Course?

There are many excellent reasons to choose our course as your source of aromatherapy education including:

  • Well researched information which is updated as needed and is laid out in a logical, easy to understand, format.
  • Because of the depth of knowledge contained in these courses, the course notes and workbooks are resources that can, and will, be referred to long after the courses have been completed.
  • An excellent instructor, who is available to answer any and all of your questions, ensuring that you fully understand all the nuances of the material you are studying. Although this is self-directed study, Beverley is only as far away as an email or a phone call. Every question that comes through is always replied to promptly.
  • An opportunity to interact with others who are taking, or who have taken the courses through our closed Facebook Group. This has proven to be a wonderful support system.
  • The opportunity to start the course at any time convenient to you.
  • The opportunity to work through the course material at your own pace. While there are deadlines for completion of both the 101 (9 months) and the 201 (18 months), it is up to the individual student as to whether they want to take the full time allotted or complete the course in less time. As this is self-directed study the student sets the pace and as mentioned above Beverley is always ready to help whenever asked.
  • The in-depth knowledge and expertise that working through these courses will give you. All our graduates are extremely competent and confident aromatherapists, who are a credit to themselves and their clients.

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Bev Hawkins Membership Club

If you are not ready to take one of the courses or workshops, but would like to continue with your learning about aromatherapy and essential oils, perhaps the Bev Hawkins Membership Club would be a great fit for you.

This subscription club delivers a new package each month and covers an essential oil and a condition with case studies, plus lots more.

An active subscription gives one access to the new monthly package as well as all previously puclished packages.

Bev Hawkins Membership Club

The Journey begins with Aromatherapy 101 and for many, this is all they ever need.

Continuing on with Aromatherapy 201 to obtain Full Professional Certification.

If you know you are ready to go all the way consider purchasing the Full Professional Course Package of Aromatherapy 101 and Aromatherapy 201 combined at a discount.

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Essential Oil Inspirational Cards.

A 52 card deck which is a fun way to choose essential oils intuitively.


Since 1999, I have had the great privilege of training well over 2000 students, and it remains a joy to watch each one progress along their journey in their own special way. I see how their confidence and knowledge base grows consistently with each lesson and activity that they complete. And when they are ready to graduate I am thrilled to welcome them as the successful, knowledgeable and effective Aromatherapists they have become.
Beverley Hawkins

Classified as a Vocational School by the Canadian Revenue Agency, no GST is charged on Aromatherapy 101, Aromatherapy 201 or Aromatherapy 301.

Approved by the Minister Of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada under sub-paragraphs 118.5(1)(1)(ii) and 118.6(1)(a)(ii) of the Income Tax Act to issue T2202A forms for Aromatherapy 101, Aromatherapy 201 and Aromatherapy 301

What Our Grads have to say!

Testimonials from satisfied graduates are very important to us and over the years we have been fortunate to receive a great deal of positive feedback

Just dropping you a note to let you know that I have started my Aromatherapy 101 and I am enjoying a great deal. I went through all of the material in 101 and 201 when I received my manuals, and I would like to commend you on the creation of such a complete and meticulously laid out education program. I am positively thrilled with the WCIA course material. You have done a stellar job putting this professional program together, Bev. I researched Aromatherapy education for months and I certainly chose right when I chose your courses at the WCIA. Simply loving it.

Kimberly Ivey, Port Hawkesbury, NS

After graduating from the University of Virginia, I began looking for a reputable aromatherapy program that integrated traditional and non-traditional approaches with the current research. I believe that I found just the right program at the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy (WCIA). The material and lessons are engaging, appropriately challenging and highly informative. It was wonderful to be able to study at my own pace (with two small children at home), yet always have a knowledgeable professional able and willing to guide me through the course. I highly recommend WCIA to anyone who is interested in a program that accommodates one’s lifestyle and time constraints while maintaining high academic standards.

Keren Dolan, Reston, VA.,

A couple of days ago I finally took the 201 exam and submitted my thesis and case studies! And yes I was nervous as it’s been over 30 years since I finished college; I was worried that my brain cells weren’t up to the challenge. All I can say is that it’s been one of the best ways I have used my time, money and mental energy in many years. Loved the challenge of the course and Beverley’s excellent and thoughtful answers to many questions. It’s been nice being part of the Facebook group too, wishing you all wonderful essential oil adventures and thanks Beverley for your passion and guidance.

Gwendolyn Evans, Port Townsend, WA,

You will find more testimonials here.