This week is Back to School week for many.  It is time to make the transition from the lazy more leisured days of summer to the structure of timetables and routine.  Starting a new school year, as well as being exposed to lots of new people bring their own challenges, but we can use our Essential Oils to support this transition back to school.

At times like these, I really like to use a synergy I have created that can work well for all kinds of transitions.

Endings and New Beginnings Synergy

5 drops Bitter Orange – after all, endings can be bittersweet at times and strength.
4 drops Lemon – to foster the ability to let go and accept change.
3 drops Cypress – for going through changes.
3 drops Juniper – for clearing and cleansing.
5 drops Lavender – for balance and flexibility.
2 drops Neroli – because it’s one of my favorite essential oils and it brings lightness

This blend can be used in any one of the diffuser methods.
Make up the undiluted essential oil blend then add it to the method of your choice.
Personal Inhaler – add 8 – 15 drops.
Mister bottle and used as a room spray.  (20 drops to 125 ml distilled water, hydrosol, or alcohol).
Your favourite diffuser.

For those who are experiencing Anxiety about fitting in, and finding their place in a new environment there is our article on Anxiety has several blends that can be helpful.  It is easy and simple to make up a personal inhaler with the right blend.  As many places are now designated as fragrance-free, having a personal inhaler, which is easy to carry around in your pocket and sniff as needed, doesn’t interfere with anyone else.

Every year or so, an infestation of Lice runs through a school.  Hopefully, this doesn’t happen, but just in case keep this link to our article on Lice handy so you’ll have an Essential Oil Strategy and Treatment Protocol on hand if you should need it.

Sooner or later the warmer weather is going to turn and get cooler, bringing with it the possibility of developing a cold.  Bookmark the article on Strategies to Prevent Colds now and you will have the strategies ready on hand to refer to when colds and flu season starts.  Prevention is always better than cure.

I wish you all a wonderful and successful new School Year.