Mood Blends

Set the mood with a customized essential oil blend.

Blend 1Blend 2Blend 3Blend 4
Party time

Party Time

Mellow out

Mellow Out

no germs

Germ Buster



1 drops of Basil3 drops of Rose3 drops of Lemon4 drops of Jasmine
6 drops of Grapefruit2 drops of Spikenard5 drops of Bergamot3 drops of Orange
3 drops of Lavender2 drops of Myrrh1 drop of Clary Sage2 drops of Sandalwood
3 drops of Lime2 drops of Frankincense1 drop of Cinnamon

Use in a diffuser or make a mister.  Fill a 30 ml spray bottle with distilled water, or alcohol, add 10 – 15 drops of your essential oil blend, then shake and spray as needed.


The sense of smell is very personal and no one blend will appeal to everyone so play around and adjust your blend to your taste!