Dental Care and Oral Hygiene

happy smileCertain essential oils have been used in dental care and oral hygiene for hundreds of years.

According to the Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients Used in Food, Drugs and Cosmetics – Leung and Foster:

  • Clove bud essential oil is used for the symptomatic relief of toothache: the oil is applied directly without pressure on the carious tooth with a small piece of cotton. It is also extensively used as a major component in preparations for the treatment of postextraction alveolitis (dry socket) and in dental cements and fillings.
  • Myrrh is reported to have astringent properties on mucous membranes as well as antimicrobial activities in vitro. It is used as an astringent in certain mouthwashes and gargles. Traditionally it has been used for bad breath, weak gums, gingivitis and loose teeth.

Other essential oils that have been used in this field include:
Ammi Visnaga – traditionally the plant has been used as toothpicks
Cardamom– Ancient Egyptians used to chew on this to whiten their teeth and freshen their breath
Cinnamon – for periodontal disease
Mastic combined with Myrrh for periodontal disease
or combined with Spikenard as a tooth whitener
Tea Tree – as a germicidal.

Vinegar has been used for dental hygiene for many years and has been found to be helpful in reducing bacterial plaque. You can use vinegar diluted down 1:1 with water or unsweetened Cranberry Juice as your mouthwash base and as with any mouthwash just swirl around and spit out.  Don’t swallow!

Essential oils or hydrosols can certainly be used effectively in mouthwashes.  Remember that if you choose to use essential oils as part of a mouth wash routine make sure that they are in a low dilution and don’t swallow.

Blends for Mouth Wash
To use add one drop of the blend to an 8 ounce glass of water, swish around the mouth, gargle but don’t swallow

Bad Breath Antiseptic Gum Care Oral Care
1 drop of Peppermint 3 drops of Tea Tree 3 drops of peppermint 5 drops of Tea Tree
1 drop of Thyme 1 drop of Myrrh 3 drops of Thyme 1 drop of Cardamom
3 drops of Fennel 1 drop of Clove
1 drop of Fennel
1 drop of Myrrh


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