StudyingCan Essential Oil help with Learning?

It has been found that if one smells the right essential oil/essential oil synergy while studying, it helps to keep one relaxed and focused, which in turn makes it easier to retain that information. It has also been found that when one has to share that information later (like writing an exam), sniffing the same essential oil/essential oil synergy will help to unlock the information. Obviously the essential oil or essential oil synergy should be chosen with care, as you want to use oils that will help to keep you focused and alert, as well as relaxed. We would choose from the more energizing type oils and leave the more sedating oils for other applications. Rosemary and Basil are two oils that are often turned to. While it is easy to diffuse the oils while learning, you can’t take your diffuser with you into the exam room, but you could put your essential oil or essential oil synergy into a personal inhaler and sniff that as you write the exam.

Sometimes people have real challenges when it comes to studying, learning, absorbing and retaining new information. In this case it might be helpful to look at what the underlying emotional aspect or trigger is. These challenges can generally be classified as:

  • Emotional, Mental and Physical Health Concerns
  • Employment and Financial Issues
  • Housing, Legal and Transportation Issues
  • Issues with Family Relationships and Social Support

However, it is my opinion that there is always an emotional layer to everything we experience. So while the essential oils cannot directly address issues like employment and finances, family relationships etc, they can be used to relieve the emotional charge around those issues. Creating an essential oil synergy, that has been specifically customized to the individual and their specific needs, can certainly help to support them move forward towards a positive outcome.