Hydrosols are a result of the distillation process of plant material. They are often considered to be a byproduct when the distiller is distilling for the essential oil. Today, however more and more distillers specialize in specifically distilling for the hydrosol. This has opened up a whole new market for hydrosols and more and more of them are appearing on the market.

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Hydrosols are water solutions which contain some of the water-soluble micro-molecules of the essential oil in addition to the water-soluable plant components. While essential oils are highly concentrated substances, hydrosols are far gentler as only a very small percentage of the aromatic molecules will remain in the water.  Hydrosols can be used in a variety of ways e.g. as a spritzer (spray), as a skin toner, in compresses, when making creams, soaps or lotions hydrosols can be used instead of water.  They are also known as Floral Waters and Hydrolats.

Some Uses of Hydrosols

Hydrosol Use
Rose Good for all skin types as a freshner or toner.
Add to cotton pads to put on irritated tired eyes.
Use in a facial or body spray or compress.
Neroli Good for combination and sensitive skin types.
Good as a room spray when feeling anxious or stressed out.
Lavender Good for normal and sensitive skin types.
Excellent for soothing sunburn.
Spray on pillows for a good sleep (especially helpful when away from home).
Lavender is good for stress and helps reduce mental fatigue.
Roman Chamomile Good for dry, sensitive and inflammed skin.
Add to cotton pads to put on irritated tired eyes.
Good as a room spray to calm irritated babies and young children.
Lemon Verbena Mildly astringent and good for oily skins.
Good in a spritzer to clean and disinfect the air.
Rosemary Good for sallow skin that needs stimulation and regeneration.
Helichrysum Good for rejuvenating mature or damaged skin.
Healing and soothing for inflamed skin conditions.
Geranium Good for mature skins.
Excellent in a spritzer to cool a hot flash.
Peppermint Excellent as a cooling and deodorizing foot spray.

I am continuing to blog about different Hydrosols and I include links to those in this article to those covered here that have been written.  Here is a link to all the blogs written on these and other hydrosols.

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