Foot Care

foot careOur feet are something that we often just take for granted. However, giving our feet a little TLC with the right foot care will go a long way to improving our general well being. Essential oils are a wonderful addition to any foot care regime. If we cherish our feet and spend a little extra time on them we will be well rewarded by a overall feeling of improved health.

Foot Baths

A warm foot bath is a wonderful way to just soak and relax tired aching feet. This can be particularly helpful for people who spend a lot of time on the feet. Adding a tablespoon of salts (Epsom or dried sea salt or even just coarse salt) to the warm water will soften the water, gently cleanse the skin and help soothe away aches and pains. Essential oils can be added to the foot bath to aid with cleansing, relaxation, soothing aches and pains or invigoration, or to address a specific foot problem such as athlete’s foot, bunions, calluses or corns.

Add 5 drops of essential oil or essential oil blend to 5 drops of emulsifier (or liquid soap) and add to a basin of warm water or add your 5 drops of essential oil or essential oil blend to 1 tablespoon of salt. Swish it through the water and soak your feet for about 10 minutes. That’s all it takes. You can finish this little treat by gently massaging your feet with a little peppermint lotion.

Athlete’s Foot
This is a fungal infection that is mostly found between the toes although it can sometimes spread over the whole foot. The skin may also appear cracked and sore. It is often caused by excessive perspiration in poorly ventilated footwear or as it is a fungal infection it may be passed on in places like Locker Rooms. It is aggravated by warm, moist conditions and poor hygiene. Essential oils that can be used for this include tea tree, palmarosa, lavender and peppermint. They can be used in foot baths, foot powders or added to an ointment and applied to the feet. Avoid socks made from synthetic fibers and expose the feet to sunshine and fresh air as often as possible.

Athlete’s Foot Powder
Put 2 tablespoons of cornflour into a container (or a sealable plastic bag) and add 10 drops of tea tree and 10 drops of lavender. Shake well and seal. Allow to stand for 24 hours before first use and then shake well before using.

Mix equal amounts of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils together. As soon as a blister appears, add one drop of this mixture directly to the blister.

This is an inflammatory condition of the skin, where the affected area becomes itchy and swollen and sometimes leads to ulceration. It mostly affects the extremities. It is caused by exposure to cold and is often found in people with poor circulation. It can be aggravated by rubbing which can cause the skin to break. Use alternate hot and cold foot baths to which essential oils have been added or make up an ointment with essential oils. Essential oils to consider for this include black pepper, Roman chamomile, lavender, marjoram.

Make up a massage oil by adding 6 drops of fennel to 30 ml of Sweet Almond oil. Massage this into your feet to prevent corns from forming.

Gently massage around the bunion with a foot care oil three times a day.

Foot Care Oil
3 drops of tea tree
1 drops of German chamomile
1 drop of peppermint
Add this to 30 ml (1 oz) of Sweet Almond oil or another carrier oil. You could also add this blend to a non-scented foot lotion. Gently massage into the feet regularly.

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