Champaca Michella champaca is a tall tropical tree found in many parts of Asia, particularly in the Philippines.  It is a timber producing tree and the fine grain wood is used for the construction of building, furniture, toys, and carvings.  Perfume is produced from the fragrant flowers which are often worn as leis and as hair adornment.

Michelia champaca is sacred to Hindus and Buddhists and it is often planted in temple grounds and around homes. Bead chains are made from the wood.  It is one of the key ingredients in Joy, at one time the world’s most costly perfume.

Mainly used in the perfume industry. A pale, yellow oil is obtained from the flowers through solvent extraction. It blends well with Rose, violet leaf, sandalwood, jasmine, cypress, lotus and vetiver and contains around 62% linalool.

Psychologically, Champaca has anti-depressant properties.

On the physiological level it can be used for frigidity and impotence and may help with vertigo and headaches.

On a subtle level, Champaca can help one develop your intuition to “see” more clearly.  It assists in putting aside the ego to serve the highest good.  It can help when one needs to make decisions.  It is said to promote happiness.

Contraindications:  No formal testing.  Avoid during pregnancy, breastfeeding and with children.

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