Aromatic Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. It has the archetypes of the Earth Spirit, the Musician, and the Silent One.

Rose embodies Taurus’ love of luxury and earthly delights. It is also one of the most expensive essential oils and reminds us that Taurus is a shrewd judge of value and that the more robust side of Taurus is echoed in the fact that rose bushes will grow in virtually any soil and are extremely tenacious, surviving conditions that would kill a weaker plant. For Lord Taurus rose is combined with patchouli, which helps spiritualize sexuality and facilitate the enjoyment of the senses and vanilla to encourage feelings of comfort and safety. For Lady Taurus rose is combined with cardamom to promote objectivity and violet leaf to moderate anger and comfort the heart.

Characteristics of Taurus

Taurus seeks peace and tranquillity.  The endpoint for Taurus is to find serenity and to keep it.  While not all Taurus natives are nature lovers,  Taurus can learn much from Mother Nature and take the time to be in Nature.  Their second great teacher is silence.  Taurus is the most taciturn of the signs.  They can at times find too much talking frustrating.  They are drawn to silence and simplicity which can bring peace. Inner silence is Taurus’ true goal and through music, they can reach this goal.  Music,  listened to or even better played, can bring that inner silence.  Of all the signs Taurus is the most physical.  The sense of touch is very important to them.  They need to experience the world not only in their minds but also through touch.

Lord Taurus Synergy
Lady Taurus Synergy

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