Aromatic Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and has the archetypes of the Detective, the Sorcerer, and the Hypnotist.

Patchouli is the signature oil for Scorpio. Traditionally, Patchouli has been used to treat bites from snakes and poisonous insects, and Scorpio is the sign with a ‘sting in its tail’.

For Lord Scorpio patchouli is combined with basil, which has been used traditionally to treat scorpion stings; and clove, which has the themes of secrets and hiddenness.

For Lady Scorpio patchouli is combined with myrrh, which is specific for the water element, and ginger, which allows one to perceive the inner child that dwells deep in the secret recesses of the heart.

Characteristics of Scorpio

Scorpio has incredible intensity and its endpoint is to live with that intensity, to burn away all pretence; to let nothing be hidden behind walls of fear and to make the unconscious, conscious. Their aim is to live every minute as if it were their last.

Scorpio’s principle strategy is to base their actions on feelings rather than on reason because logic is too general, too impersonal.

If Scorpio is to live each minute as if it were their last, they must create a perfect alignment between their feelings and their actions. They must have the courage to feel anything, no matter how terrifying those feelings might be, or what implications they might have for their lives. Thinking about death helps Scorpio to arrive a deep level of self-knowledge.

In many astrology works Scorpio is often described as being sexy or preoccupied with sex, however, even here it is the feelings that are important rather than the sex. Scorpio allows their sexuality be what it is, without suppression, which can create a disharmony between actions and feelings.

Scorpio’s resource is a sharp mind, bent on clearing away every comforting lie, every soothing half-truth. A mind utterly committed to knowing itself.

On the shadow side, it can be caught between too much self-knowledge and too little self-knowledge.

Lord Scorpio Blend

Lady Scorpio Blend

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