Aromatic Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and has the archetypes of the Gypsy, the Student, and the Philosopher.

Black Pepper is the signature oil for Sagittarius.  As Patricia Davis says in her book Astrological Aromatherapy, Black Pepper is an oil that ‘gets straight to the point’ like the Archer’s arrow, whether the ‘point’ is a stiff, painful muscle or a tired mind.

For Lord Sagittarius, black pepper is combined with ginger, which brings strength and courage to support the love of life Sagittarians have, and orange to bring in positive energy and joy.

For Lady Sagittarius, black pepper is combined with frankincense to keep her grounded and centered and rose to promote love, compassion, hope, and patience.

Characteristics of Sagittarius

Sagittarius’ endpoint is to realize the ultimate meaning of life. To find one’s destiny in the cosmic scheme of things, to arrive at the Truth. Sagittarius should live life as an adventure, going forward unhesitatingly, expecting miracles and always ready to take that ‘leap of faith’.

Personal freedom is essential to Sagittarius and they have a pronounced love of freedom. Faith in their ideals is Sagittarius’ greatest recourse. It doesn’t matter what form that faith takes they will live by it completely. Regardless of costs or impracticalities, Sagittarius will always do what is right.

On the shadow side, Sagittarius can be over-optimistic, they can overextend themselves and sometimes have bad judgment.

Lord Sagittarius Blend

Lady Sagittarius Blend

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