Aromatic Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac.  Pisces has the archetypes of the Mystic, the Dreamer, the Poet and the Face Dancer.

Melissa is the signature oil for Pisces. According to Patricia Davies in her book Astrological Aromatherapy: “Pisces is perhaps the most archetypal of the Water signs, and Melissa is the most ‘watery’ of essential oils…..The healing and comforting properties reflect the compassionate nature of the Piscean but Pisceans themselves are more than usually susceptible to depression, and at such times they need comforting and healing themselves. As an antidepressant, Melissa reigns supreme.”

For Lord Pisces, Melissa is combined with clove for its comforting and healing properties and sandalwood to help one appreciate the Beauty of Life.

For Lady Pisces, Melissa is combined with jasmine to calm, soothe and lift the spirits with a touch of Lemon to help increase inner joy and optimism.

Characteristics of Pisces

Pisces is the symbol of consciousness itself. Pisces observes the mind observing the world. The objective universe evaporates and all that remains is a vast network of subjective reactions, all that remains is a dream. The endpoint of Pisces is a realization. A subtle reorientation of the mind. A reorientation that changes nothing yet changes everything. It is the knowledge that wherever we go, whatever we do or see we can only meet one inescapable reality, one’s own consciousness. Pisces needs to let go of the world. One strategy would be to spend time in meditation every day, another would be through creativity. For Pisces, their mind is their primary resource. With their ability to imagine they are able to enter the world of wonder and peace with the endless fascination that awaits them there. Pisces also has an instinctive awareness of higher levels of consciousness to draw on. On the shadow side, this can lead to escapism.

Natives of Pisces are very sensitive and impressionable to outside influences. Their actions and decisions are motivated more by feelings, emotions, impressions and intuition than by cold, hard facts and logical analysis. They are both at an advantage and a disadvantage in being so sensitive. On the one hand, they have excellent hunches and intuitive knowledge, Pisceans often have a keenly developed psychic ability and sixth sense, on the other hand, they can be vulnerable to every influence in the environment. Pisces is the most flexible sign of all and its natives are very adaptable.  They are able to adjust to changes without great difficulty.  On the other hand, as they are sentimental and romantic and can easily give way to worry and fretting.  Although they have loads of sympathy and compassion for people in trouble, they may have trouble with positive action. They are born idealists, with vivid imaginations. Because they are so sensitive they may find it difficult to cope.

Lady Pices Blend | West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy