Aromatic Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac.  It has the archetypes of the King (or Queen), the Performer, the Child, and the Clown.   Jasmine often called the King of Oils,  is the signature oil for Leo.

On a subtle level, Jasmine is often used to unite and harmonize opposites thereby promoting wholeness.  Warming and opening the heart it is helpful in balancing feminine and masculine energies.

For Lord Leo, Jasmine is combined with sandalwood, which supports all healing work,  and juniper, which cleanses and protects.

For Lady Leo,  Jasmine is combined with orange, for gratitude and generosity, and rosemary, for loyalty.

Characteristics of Leo

Expression is the key to understanding Leo.

Leo has no secrets and needs to express his mind. The endpoint for Leo is the development of personality.

Leo must learn to say yes to life, their path is one of affirmation and positiveness. They need to banish all pettiness, pickiness, and narrowness from their mind. Fear and suspicion have no place in their world nothing that inhibits their self-expression can be tolerated.

In astrology, Leo has long been the symbol of kings, but one should also see Leo as the symbol of the Child. The self-dramatizing, present tense spirit so often seen in children is the essence of Leo.

Leos should celebrate themselves. Be creative and hide no secrets. Above all maintaining the innocence, spontaneity, and freshness of a child.


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Lady Leo Blend

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