Aromatic Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac. It has the archetypes of the Witness, the Teacher, the Storyteller and the Journalist.

Basil is a very mentally stimulating oil which reflects the mental nature of Gemini.  The plant itself is itself is very variable, another Gemini trait, with leaves that may be light or dark green, large or small, smooth or hairy.

For Lord Gemini, basil is combined with lemongrass, which may stimulate the left brain by tempering concrete logical thoughts with spirituality. Lemongrass can also be helpful when one needs discernment and is supportive in helping one to fulfill one’s responsibilities.

For Lady Gemini, basil is combined with lavender, which brings balance and harmony and peppermint which promotes clarity of thought.

Characteristics of Gemini

Gemini talks, and Gemini listens. They scan for clues, for meaningful gestures, for half-hidden innuendos. Nothing escapes them, no detail is too small, no trail too cold.,

Communication is the major keyword for Gemini, and while speaking and listening are key issues for Gemini, one needs to go deeper to the concept of perception. Gemini is born to perceive.

They must remain in motion all the time as there is so much to see and know, and there isn’t a minute to waste.

Gemini is the journalist rather than the philosopher.

The end point for Gemini is to unravel the secret of the world, gather all the clues and see everything. An impossible task. So they need to live as intense and varied a life as possible. Predictability and boredom are unpardonable sins. Gemini is born to talk and they need to master the art of speaking. They are also born to listen,  although this does not come as automatically. While quick wit, and even eloquence, is natural to Gemini, they need to remember that communication goes two ways. They need to remember to listen, to absorb the world.

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Blend for Lady Gemini

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