Aromatic Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and has the archetypes of the Hermit, the Father and the Prime Minister.

Vetiver is the signature oil for Capricorn. As Patricia Davis says in her book Astrological AromatherapyVetiver reflects perfectly the earthy nature of Capricorn, even to the extent that it is extracted from the roots of the parent plant. . . In the Far East where this fragrant grass is grown, it is known as the ‘Oil of Tranquility’ and may help the conscientious Capricorn who worries unduly about work or personal issues. ‘

For Lord Capricorn, vetiver is combined with cypress for inner strength and comfort and lime for its uplifting freshness.

For Lady Capricorn, vetiver is combined with patchouli, which taps into the energies of Mother Earth and Neroli to help one to develop inner trust.

Characteristics of Capricorn

Capricorn is the symbol of integrity. In the sign’s highest expression there are no lies or pretences. There is only a flawless mating of visible, public behavior and invisible personal essence. Their job and their lives become indistinguishable. To accomplish this, Capricorn must be utterly immune to applause and never play to the crowd. If they get hooked on social approval, everything can be lost. On the other hand, they can never get away from the applause. To avoid the seductiveness of power, Capricorn must seek approval within. If they want to succeed they must become indifferent to success and failure, praise and vilification. Capricorn’s endpoint is integrity and solitude.

Capricorn’s actual behavior always reflects their intentions and not their emotions. They have an iron will and while they may be slow they always get what they want in the end. On the shadow side, Capricorn’s self-control can turn them to stone and should this happen loneliness will ensue.

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