Aromatic Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac.  It has the archetypes of the Mother, the Healer, and the Invisible Man or Woman.   German Chamomile is the essential oil associated with this sign.

German  Chamomile is a ‘Mothering’ oil.  It is calming and soothing and, gentle enough to be used for even the youngest infants and appropriate for so many of the troubles of early childhood. All the chamomiles are similar in their action but German Chamomile is the one most appropriate to Cancer because its color evokes the Water element and the ocean that is the Crab’s natural home.

For Lord Cancer, German Chamomile is combined with lemon to increase inner joy and optimism and sandalwood to open up the heart.

For Lady Cancer, German Chamomile is combined with jasmine to warm and help open up the heart and rose for unconditional love and nurturing.

Characteristics of Cancer

Cancer’s world is all about feelings.

They are totally fascinated by the reactive, subjective aspects of the mind.  For them, everything is about how it feels to them personally.  They are not concerned with an objective universe but rather turn inward to feel consciousness, to feel every nuance of life.

They often carry a ‘shell’ around them to protect them from the harshness of this world.

The endpoint for Cancer is to love, trust and accept all that existence offers.


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