This week I have had a chance to practice some Aromatic Babysitting.  I am babysitting the younger two of my four grandchildren, while Mum and their older siblings have fun in Whistler.  I have had great fun blending for the little ones and introducing them to the gentlest of aromas.

When they arrived Mercedes, who is almost 5 told me that she had a sore throat, and so we blended up a special blend for her to use, no more than 3 times a day.  Otherwise, she’d be wanting to put it on all the time.  The oils that I used were 30 ml fractionated coconut as a base and 3 drops each of Lemon and Rosalina, and 2 drops of Ginger.  After just one day her sore throat was done.

Leo, who is almost two, developed a little cough and seemed to be a bit congested this morning.  Out came Nana’s oils and I have created a blend, again in 30 ml fractionated coconut with 2 drops of Roman chamomile and 2 drops of Lavender.  He is taking his midday nap and all seems quite, so fingers crossed.

When they arrived on Saturday, the first thing that Mercedes wanted to do was to make up a chocolate lip gloss with Nana.  We agreed that we would make it during the week, so that is the next thing on our agenda.  As soon as I have this blog post done,  we will get out the cocoa butter and chocolate chips and get busy melting.

Profiles of the essential oils used: Lemon, Rosalina, Ginger.