Aromatic Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac.  It has the archetypes of the Warrior, the Pioneer, the Daredevil and the Survivor.

Rosemary is the signature essential oil for Aries.  Rosemary can be quite restorative when Arians push themselves to the limit and beyond. The herbalist Culpeper describes rosemary as being ‘ruled by the Sun in Aries’.  For Lord Aries rosemary is combined with cedarwood to enhance stability, patience, and integrity; frankincense to help stabilize the emotions and an optional touch of lime to freshen and bring a sparkle to the blend. For Lady Aries rosemary is combined with juniper to promote wisdom; pine which helps one recognize the love that endures in the hearts of those we have loved and an optional touch of rose which helps one to forgive others and one’s self.

Characteristics of Aries

While  Aries is the sign of daring and adventures,  at a deeper level,  it is about selfishness and the right for the individual to survive. To be able to say “this is my life and I will do whatever it is I need to or want to”. The endpoint for Aries is the perfect combination of desires and actions – freedom.

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