Aromatic Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and has the archetypes the Genius, the Revolutionary, the Truth Sayer, the Scientist and the Exile.

Neroli is the signature oil for Aquarius.  As Patricia Davis says in her book Astrological Aromatherapy   “The ethereal nature of Neroli reflects the very best of the Acquarian character. To many Aquarians, the meditative quality of the oil will have an immediate appeal, but it is important for these mentally orientated people to remember their bodies and treat them kindly, and the more Venusian qualities of Neroli can help them to do so.”

For Lord Aquarius, Neroli is combined with benzoin to both protect and keep them grounded and pine for its creativity and playfulness.

For Lady Aquarius, Neroli is combined with cypress to bring strength and comfort and help them to stay balanced and lavender to balance the upper and lower chakras.

Characteristics of Aquarius

Freedom, individuality, the ability to choose one’s own path, to take orders from no one and do what they want to do, this is the realm of Aquarius. Aquarius and conformity just don’t mix. Their endpoint is the flawless, uncompromising expression of self. Individuality perfected. Aquarius needs to resist the coercions of their culture. Their strategy is to follow the dictates of their own individuality, making their own choices regardless of the reactions of those around them. Genius is the ability to think in ways that we have not been taught to think and Aquarius has this quality in abundance. The other resource that they have is their implacable, unbending stubbornness. They know that their choices are right even if no one else agrees and there is nothing that can move them from it. On the shadow side, this same stubbornness can destroy them.

Aquarius is one of the most enigmatic signs of the zodiac with the result that it can be hard for others not born in this sign to understand their outlook or motives. Aquarius has a detached, elusive quality that others can never pin down. They can be both friendly and remote at the same time. Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian, which gives them the nature of a universal lover rather than a personal lover. They can be tenacious when they decide on something. They consider everything that they do carefully and deliberately.

Lord Aquarius Blend

Lady Aquarius Blend

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